Meeting Date and Time:  June 15, 2017 @ 3:30pm

Meeting Location:  The Scotsman's Well


  • Jon Peat (President)

  • Dave Drake (Vice President)

  • Jon Solland (Treasurer)

  • Shawn Frayne (Past President & Treasurer)

  • Blair Baxter (Committee member)

  • Stephen Baxter (Committee member)

  • Leonardo Nishi (Committee member)


Call to order 3:30pm

  1. Social:

    1. Blair to contact Harry Thys regarding summer BBQ social event for members

    2. Blair to research setting up golf tournament for August 2017.

  2. Website:

    1. Leo is Chair of the Website committee.

    2. Leo has webpage ready to launch – approved to go ahead.

    3. Need to take over “bulk email” distribution so it can be from Chapter website (currently Shawn Frayne still doing this manually).

    4. Need to set up event registration and payments to be completed online.

    5. Need to populate Calendar with remainder of 2017 events.

  3. Education:

    1. Stephen/Jon/Ron to set up September 21, 2017 luncheon event to have Dynacrete present waterproofing injection repairs/investigation.

    2. Saskatchewan Branch trying to plan half or full day seminar for late Fall.

    3. Stephen to prepare list of topics for members to select education topics for 2017/2018.

  4. Membership:

    1. Upcoming RCI Leadership Convention (October) – Dave Drake and Jon Solland to attend with transportation costs covered by Chapter.

  5. Finance:

    1. Still have approximately $17,000.00 in bank.

    2. Agreement to support the RCIF Canada Fund for $1,000.00.

    3. Need to have tax return completed – results sent to RCI.

    4. Signing authority to be transferred to Shaun Frayne, Stephen Baxter, Jon Solland.


Next Meeting – June 27, 2017, 3:30pm at Royal Bank (32nd Ave at 12th Street NE)

Adjourned: 5:00pm


Meeting Date and Time:  November 8, 2017 @ 3:30pm

Meeting Location:  12024 Symons Valley Road NW, Calgary, Alberta


  • Jon Peat (President)

  • Dave Drake (Vice President)

  • Jon Solland (Treasurer)

  • Porter Temple (Secretary)

  • Percy Crossman (Saskatchewan Branch Liaison)

  • Shawn Frayn (Past President & Treasurer)

  • Blair Baxter (Committee Member)

  • Stephen Baxter (Committee Member)


Adoption of Minutes

     A.    Motion to approve minutes from meeting on June 17, 2017as emailed on June 19, 2017

             Motion by - Jon S.       

             Second by - Blair         


Old Business

     1.     Website

          a.     Leo needs to have email population lists

          b.     App for registration and payment – Under construction

     2.     Education

          a.     Speakers have been cancelling, we need to find speakers for upcoming education – actively seeking speakers.

     3.     Finance

          a.     Approximately 17K in the bank

          b.     Gave RCIF Canada $1,000

          c.     Tax return completed

          d.     Signing authority assigned to – Jon Solland, Stephen Baxter, Shawn Frayn

New Business

     1.     Education

          a.     Set date December 14, 2017 and Stephen Baxter & Porter Temple will present E907 Testing wind uplift and ANSI SPRI Pull Testing.

          b.     Education committee is discussing a change of venue for luncheons and two day events moving forward.
                  - Sheraton Cavalier
                  - McEwan Hall at U of C
                  - CCA Facility
                  - Croatian Club

          c.     Education Chair is now responsible for booking venue and speakers. Third Thursday of Every Month is the goal for Education Events.

          d.     January 25, 2018 – Education Luncheon on Photo Voltaic @ CCA Facility

          e.     Education Committee set to meet Friday November 10, 2017

     2.     Technology/External Resources:

          a.     Set up Webinar option for conferences for people >100-200 kms away. RCI WC has been charging full price for webinar slots and getting 15-                  20 slots filled which makes seminars much more affordable.

          b.     Set up paid admin to handle menial tasks such as meeting minutes, setting up webinar services etc. There are admin firms that specialize in


          c.     Potential new outreaches: Facebook group, youtube videos of conferences

     3.     Financial:

          a.     Make sure we are comfortable with the insurance/risk/exposure we currently have or get quotes for more (General liability, officers liability,

                  event insurance eg golf)
                  - Jon Peat to set up One Drive for file sharing

     4.     Event Outreach/ideas:

          a.     Toy drives/womens shelter/etc at events
                 - Blair is looking to do a toy drive in December

          b.     Raffles at events (good idea to give away tickets to the next events if we ever have more than one a year to get people on some sort of

                  regular) would be a decent idea for lunch n learns if we restart that. More ideas that have had success: wine draws

          c.     We have primarily social events thus far this year but more ideas: skeet shooting

          d.     Plant tour at whatever plants are around. RCI has confirmed they will support CEH

     5.     Meeting Scheduling/Feasibility

          a.     Teleconference once a month: morning/afternoon/evening/etc. I heard rumblings that RCI hosts a teleconference number.

     6.     Chapter Awards
          - Dave Drake is going to fill out paperwork and get info sent in.

Meeting Adjourned @ 4:45pm


Meeting Date and Time:

Meeting Location:



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